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Welcome to adventure enthusiasts and those seeking a deep connection with themselves!
As a fervent lover of outdoor explorations, I am delighted to invite you to the Ocean Road
Retreat in the southwest of France. We have prepared a unique experience in the heart of
Join me from Saturday, June 29th, to Saturday, July 6th, 2024, at the Atlantic Surf Lodge, where
each day begins and ends with revitalizing yoga sessions in the garden, woods, or on the
beach, with the soothing murmur of ocean waves in the background. Come create unforgettable
memories! This retreat is designed to renew your spirit and reignite your passion for life.

I am a passionate yoga teacher dedicated to deep connection with each of my students. My
teaching goes beyond physical postures, exploring profound energetic work to further awaken
your inner power. Each session I guide aims to create a space where serenity and energy
converge, allowing my students to discover a space for healing and recharging. Join me for a
yoga experience that transcends the mat, inspiring transformation and fulfillment with every
On the agenda, 10 invigorating yoga classes, meditations, breathwork sessions, and many
moments of laughter and inspiring discussions.
You’ll have a free day during the week to explore the surroundings, go on an excursion, or
simply relax. During the free evening, we could all share a dinner together in town (at your
For surf enthusiasts, fantastic optional classes can be booked with the lodge, providing a unique
opportunity to combine the benefits of yoga with the excitement of the Atlantic waves.

Join us for this unique getaway in my home country, where our program meets the powerful
energy of the waves. Book now for an salty experience during the Ocean Road week.
Included in the package :
● Our full energy work & yoga program
● A Welcome package full of gifts and surprises for you
● Dinner on the day of arrival, followed by brunch in the morning and dinner in the evening
every day except one evening (Chef’s Night Off).
● Use of bicycle (all the time)
● Bed and bed linen (please note: bring your own towels or hire them for a fee, €5 for a
large beach towel and a shower towel for the whole week)
Here’s what a typical day (probably) looks like:
● 8.00 Creative & dynamic exploration during 90min
● 10:00 Brunch (baguettes included)

● Lunch: two hours of surf lessons (if booked)
● Free time for the beach, surfing, walking, cycling, relaxing in the garden, etc.
● 17: 00 Fullbody release and energy work during 75min
● 19:00 Dinner
● Open late evening