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April, May, September

ISA and AS Level 1 surf instructor at Atlantic Surf Lodge

Our goal is to train knowledgeable surf coaches having the skills and knowledge to independently teach beginner to intermediate level surfers at surf schools, as well as assisting the head coach/level 2 instructor with their duties at surf camps (when special skills are required).

The included ISA accreditation is the only accreditation recognized globally by the ISA.

Austrian Surfing is recognized by the ISA ( International Surfing Association) , the ESF ( European Surfing Federation ) and our national sports organization Sport Austria (and therefore also federally recognized).

Flat Water SUP on lakes and river arms is increasingly used as an alternative for days without/with small/too big waves. We have created a special one day module for our surf instructors who are interested in getting their ISA Flat Water SUP accreditation.

* If only German-speaking participants register for certain courses, we will organize the course in German.

The Level 2 Surf Coach is qualified to teach intermediate to advanced surfers (up to club level surfers) and has the knowledge to act as a camp director and head coach. Therefore, in addition to the coaching skills of advanced surfers, emphasis is also placed on the organizational aspect of surf coaching, as well as management and leadership skills.

The course consists of the ISA L2 Surf Instructor Course and additional modules developed by AS to meet the specific needs of surf camps. This combination has made our coaching program the most sought after in surf camps in Europe and around the world.

The Certified ISA Judge course is included in the Level 2 course at no additional cost!


  •  30.03.2024 – 06.04.2024
  • 2 more places available
  • 04.05.2024 – 11.05.2024
  • Still places available
  • 18.05.2024 – 25.05.2024
  • Still places available
  • 14.09.2024 – 21.09.2024
  • Still places available
  • 25.09.2024 – 02.10.2024


  • 03.06 – 10.06

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