Learn French 
before or after your surf sessions

Let’s Introduce Brigitte

With our private teacher Brigitte:

ASL : What’s the fastest way to learn French?
Brigitte : By speaking as much as possible! My lessons at the Lodge are very hands-on. I don’t haunt my students with grammar; they learn everything they need in everyday life.
ASL : What does the “timetable” look like when the waves are good?
Brigitte : I adapt the classes to the conditions and the tides. If my students want to surf, they go surfing. As I live next to the lodge, a “flexible timetable” is no problem.
ASL : Do you surf yourself?
Brigitte : Unfortunately not. I grew up by the ocean, in Arcachon near Bordeaux, but there were hardly any surfers there when I was young. Nevertheless, I love surfing – I read books about it and watch contests. This fascination connects me with my students.
ASL : What do you enjoy most about teaching at the Lodge?

Brigitte : Meeting people from all over the world! The guests at the Lodge come from Australia, Europe and Africa and often have interesting stories to tell. I used to travel a lot myself and love talking about other cultures.