Yoga Classes,
relax body and mind

Our Surfcamp offers Yoga classes as a complement (or as an improvement) to the surfing courses throughout the season.
These classes are offered in parallel with our beginning of season Yoga retreats .
Come and share moments of relaxation with Carmen, our resident teacher.

can you introduce yourself ?

I was born in France to an Alsatian father and a Singaporean mother, I have always evolved in a multicultural and colorful environment. Cradled since my childhood by travel and sport, I like to share, debate, eat, laugh, adrenaline rushes and have my head down.
My approach to Yoga is simple, find your balance . Besides, balance is the asana (posture) that I prefer. I even made it my trademark: every geographical location sees me on my hands!
Certified by the Yoga Alliance 200 RYT, I trained in India, my grandfather’s country, at Parimutki School of Yoga and Meditation. I love to teach in a fun, energizing way, but most of all to create a positive synergy and guide towards the path of possibilities! My goal: to develop together the tools allowing you to be the best version of yourself every day and to find your balance! »

And what type of yoga do you practice?

I offer dynamic Hata Flow classes and occasionally Yin Yoga classes (calm and relaxing). The courses are adaptable to all levels of practice by always offering several options.
Through the practice of postures ( Asana ), breathing exercises ( pranayama ) and meditation ( Dhyana ), Yoga allows you to awaken your internal balance by becoming aware of the links between your mind, your body and your soul. A class is about discovering or rediscovering: how to relax and let go, the joy of stretching and strengthening your body, how to appreciate a simple breath and reconnect with yourself. Take a break from the constant flow of your thoughts while taking care of your body. In general, a yoga class is made to feel good in your head, good in your body ! »

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