Next to our yearly « before season » Yoga retreats, the Atlantic surf lodges also offers regular Yoga sessions during the entire season. They can be taken as an addition to your surf lessons or as a mean to perfecting it. Come share unforgettable sessions in the beautiful natural sites of the south of France with Carmen, our resident teacher.

4 session of 1,25 h for  50,- €


Our Yoga teacher:


My name is Carmen. I was born in France from an Alsatian father (the region close to Germany, not the dog) and a Singaporean mother so I grew up in a multicultural environment. Sports and travel have always played a big part in my life. I love to share experiences, discuss and debate on various subjects, eat, laugh, get an adrenaline rush but most of all put my feet in the air and my head up side down…

To me walking the path of Yoga is about finding balance within. Hence my favorite asana (posture) is all about balance, the handstand. It has even become my trademark, each landmark I visit sees me upside down !

I followed my Yoga Alliance RYT 200 certification in India, which is also the native country of my grand father, at Parimutki School of Yoga and Meditation.

I enjoy teaching in a way that is energising and playful, most of all I wish to guide you to finding what feels good to you during an asana session as well as in everyday life.

Ultimately my aim is to develop with you the tools which enable you to be the best version of yourself day by day and find your very own balance.


My Yoga style

Come join in to dynamic Hata Flow and occasional Yin Yoga classes (slow paced/relaxing) suited to varied levels of practice.

Through the practice of postures (Asanas), breathing exercices (pranayama) and meditation (Dhyana), Yoga enables you to awaken your inner balance by linking mind body and soul.

Discover or rediscover how to relax and let go ;how good it feels to strech and tone your body; how to enjoy a simple breath and reconect with your « self ». Take a break from your constent stream of thoughts and take care of your body.

Overall the intent of a class is to make you feel good !