Surfing improvement
for advanced surfers

Our surfcamp offers, in addition to surfing courses, surfing improvement courses with experienced instructors.

Why upgrade?

Taking an advanced course is always useful to take a step forward in your surfing progress.

Whatever your level of surfing, our instructors will give you expert advice to improve your technique.

With exercises and reflection, you will be able to work on your positioning, your timing, your glide, your maneuvers.

You will increase your level of surfing, and have more fun in the ocean as a result.

During a private or small group surf lesson, have a great time at the beach.

Our customers speak best of it:

Gina K.: “The surf lessons are well organized and the teachers make sure everyone’s level is right. Those who come as freesurfers are also well integrated.”

Boris S.: “The surf instructors are qualified, the regular training of surf instructors from around the world takes place at the Lodge and speaks for itself.”

“We are all equal in front of a wave.”

– Laird Hamilton, “Force of Nature: Mind, Body, Soul (and, of course, Surfing)”.