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Boxing & Crossfit Camp France

A week to learn the techniques of boxing and crossfit. Coach Tim Yilmaz is one of the founders of the Mariposa Boxing Club in Munich. He has coached professional and amateur athletes for many years. In addition to boxing, he also practices crossfit with his licensees. He is also passionate about surfing. He even worked as a surf instructor and surf camp leader with Uli, the owner of the Lodge!

A special concept was developed for the week-long camp, a combination of “footwork” and “leg days” – the most important technical foundation of boxing, combined with strength-specific leg exercises. In all martial arts, including boxing, every offensive and defensive element is initiated by a leg action. This high priority defines the chosen content of the camp. In addition, the lower body emphasized training in harmonious interaction with the upper body dominating the surf. This creates a week full of intense instruction and training, while still leaving time and energy for a surf lesson!

To participate in the camp, each participant must know the basics of boxing and must have attended a boxing school for at least one year. Competition experience is not required.

-> Our goal: New requirements for the body and mind as well as training to become a “responsible athlete”, whether they are competitive or recreational athletes!

Everything happens in partnership with the local AOSSA Boxing & Training Club.

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