18. – 25.06.2022 // JOURNEY TO YOURSELF yoga / meditate / surf

25.06. – 02.07.2022 – “The FULL MOON MAGIC ” yoga retreat
January 20, 2020
04. – 11.6. & 11.6 – 18.06.2022: YOGA RETREAT “GET WET SOON”
January 27, 2020

18. – 25.06.2022 // JOURNEY TO YOURSELF yoga / meditate / surf

yoga / meditate / surf

Find the love you seek,
by first finding the love within yourself.
Learn to rest in a place with you,
That is your true home.”
– Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

This week is an invitation to connect with yourself. In harmony with nature, the wild pine forests,
endless sandy beaches and the vastness of the ocean, you can dive deeper into your inner world
and create a home within yourself.
What to expect every day
We start the day with a powerful, activating Vinyasa Flow in the garden of the lodge or on the
dune at the beach. From here you can jump right into the waves or enjoy a coffee and the varied
breakfast at the lodge first.
After breakfast you can join the surf course or surf on your own, walk on the beach, roam through
the pine forests, lie in the sun, explore the area by bike and find the best boulangerie or just read a
book in the garden.
Towards evening there is a second yoga session, here I like to mix yin & yang elements in
consultation with you, to a practice that nourishes body, mind and soul.
After a well-balanced dinner, we end the evening with a glass of wine or a cozy cup of tea, share
our experiences and close the day with a small ritual together.
One evening a week is at your free disposal.
During the day you can organize your time yourself, or you can also do something in the group. If
you wish, I can support you with inspirational ideas, journaling prompts, human design and other
The meditation session will follow the yoga practice, giving you the space to go deeper into the
stillness within you.
I am happy to welcome you at the Atlantic Surf Lodge – a beautiful place with a special
atmosphere that invites you to feel good and unfold. Just right for the “Journey to yourself”.
Package includes:
daily 75min Vinyasa Morning Flow
daily common ritual to end the day & sharing experience
5x 75min Yin & Yang (one evening is free)
5x 30min meditation following the Morning or Evening Yoga sessions
Accommodation & Food
7 days accommodation in spacious shared rooms
7x full breakfast and packed lunch
6x dinner (also vegetarian/vegan)

Your own bike for the week
Total package
What you can book in addition:
Package price is for Dorm Room – Upgrade possible to
Double Room // Single Room
Ensuite Double // Ensuite Single
Surf course incl. material
Surfboard rental
French course
Prices can be found here (INSERT LINK TO PRICES)
Private lesson Yoga & Massage
Info with me
We are all on the journey to ourselves, why not go a part of the way together and support each
In this week you may simply take time for yourself, to look inside, to perceive your body, to take
good care of it with movement and rest, with sun and salt water. At the same time there is room
for exchange with other participants, for new ideas and inspiration, for fun and surf sessions
In the meditations you can dive deeper and listen within, process and accept what comes up,
connect even deeper with yourself.
The Morning Vinyasa Flow brings breath and body together with flowing movements. Here it is
equally about strengthening and flexibility, which by the way also supports us in surfing. The
focus is on alignment to create a practice that is right for you and your body.
In the evening Yin & Yang classes we first go into flow and strength again to awaken warmth and
energy in the body, the Yin Yoga postures then allow you to let go and sink into stretching the
Whether you have been practicing for a long time or yoga has just become a part of your life –
here you may continue this journey of discovery into yoga and yourself.

About me
Yoga is a very special way for me to connect with myself and I feel it is a great gift to be able to
pass this on.
I have been teaching since 2014 on dunes, cliffs, pine forests and rooftop terraces, in various surf
camps, yoga centers and individual sessions.
In my homebase Cologne I teach for Lord Vishnus Couch and my online classes.
Certified with over 500h, Yin Yoga training and various workshops & trainings.
Contact & more info
instagramm: @melsmagiclife
If you want to get to know me, write me and feel free to join my online classes!
see you on the mat <3


“It was when I stopped searching for home within others
and lifted the foundations of home within myself
I found there were no roots more intimate
than those between a mind and body
that have decided to be whole.”
— Rupi Kaur