29.6 – 06.7. 2019 – YOGA RETREAT « Go with the Flow »

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février 20, 2017
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29.6 – 06.7. 2019 – YOGA RETREAT « Go with the Flow »

BY ATLANTIC SURF LODGE TEAM | 29. Juni – 06. Juli 2019.


What is this all about? well, Yoga, Surf, Eat, Sleep Repeat…

« Come join us and immerse yourself in Yoga, surfing and the beautiful Atlantic coast of the South-West of France. A week in which you can leave behind the hum of daily routine, tuning into yourself and nature and bringing awareness. Yoga and surfing are a great combination and complement each other perfectly. Both ground you in the present moment, helping to create a bond with nature and your “Self”, which are key components to feeling peace, contentment and ultimately happiness.

Carmen and Charley, your instructors, invite and encourage you along a new road of knowing, loving and being the best version of yourself. Rediscover your mind, body and soul under a different (and shiny bright 🙂 ) light, anchored in what is happening here and now. Bring beautiful new habits home with you, to incorporate qinto your everyday life.

The retreat will take you through a six day progressive program bringing in all the aspects of Yoga; the physical, mental and spiritual, in an open minded and fun way. Together we will dive into this new world and/or deepen your practice. Beginners and advanced practitioners alike will enjoy 2 classes a day including hatha, vinyasa flow, yin and yoga nidra practices as well as pranayama and meditation. Join a spiritual and life centered conversations as well a special workshop (optional and depending on weather and surf conditions) if you feel like it.

All practices take place in beautiful surroundings offered by the Côte d’Argent. From sunrise to sunset enjoy practices at the beach, under the pine trees or at secret spots! Practice timings will be set according to the best surf timings. One of the highlights of your week will be a special asana and meditation session taking place on a Stand up Paddle at the lake of Vieux Boucau!

Between the yoga sessions, our qualified surf instructors will take you to waves that suit your abilities and provide you with hands on coaching for beginners and intermediates. »


« You can’t stop the waves (of your mind) but you can learn how to surf (meditate) »

Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn


About Charley :

Charley has been skillfully teaching yoga with an emphasis on creating a safe, sacred learning environment for her students. Charley’s classes are deeply supportive and personalized to each student. Her warmth and friendliness makes students feel seen, welcome and respected. She always focusses on bringing a holistic approach to yoga; combining, body, mind and breath in all of her classes. “Through this approach Charley allows students to come to a place of reflection and self realization.’   

About Carmen :

Carmen has been teaching yoga in a way that uses the physical body to gain mental and emotional balance. After 25 years of artistic gymnastics she needed to turn to something more holistic then “just” sports and managed a healthy switch from competitor to compassionate, from auto-pilot to mindful through Yoga. Her classes are set to encourage you to use your body as it is; in the respect of its limitations and advantages through mindfulness.  It is all about discovering your own physical and mental abilities, about listening to yourself. For most of us biased judgement and a buzzing mind hide these abilities. Carmen’s smile and dynamism makes her students want to reach for the moon whilst being proud of every little step towards it, more importantly by taking the time to do so. The space she creates in her classes is fun and energizing whilst insistent on mindfulness.


Charley and Carmen met during their Yoga teacher training in Dharamshala, India and have been friends ever since although at a distance, When she’s not travelling Charley lives in Amsterdam whilst Carmen has now settled down in Vieux Boucau with her husband, 1 year old baby girl and dog. On the outside both are smiley, kind and bubbly people. On the inside, Charley is a bit more of a Yin person and Carmen is a bit more of a Yang person. Together their teachings are well rounded giving you the best of both sides. Between the two of them, the languages spoken are English, French, German and Dutch.


525,- Euro

Early bird deal until 15.3.19: 485,- Euro

extra charge double room: 120,- Euro
extra charge new ensuite double room: 170,- Euro
extra charge single room: 320,- Euro
surf course 10hours including material (5 days á 2h): 170,- Euro
French classes (4 x 60 min): 60,- Euro